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Saving the Earth, One Snack at a Time!
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Grow them healthy!

Build your kids from the ground up, using the
best ingredients you can get your hands on.

The Noodle Padoodle Team lives in South Florida. The two youngest attend the same elementary school, while the oldest attends a local magnet school that focuses on science and engineering.

Tiger is a straight A honor roll student, who loves Jak and Daxter, making cartoons, and playing MahJong. He hates folding laundry.

Garrett is a builder who loves his DS and building rocketships for his many stuffed animals. He likes fish, but he doesn't like fish in his mouth.

Starla loves flowers, butterflies, and fairytales, and she spends her spare time showing the boys how to catch bugs and lizards. She rides her powerwheels, tearing up the back yard, and wants to be a Monster Truck driver when she grows up. She loves cooking, but hates cleaning up.

Here's the Noodle Padoodle team captured in a less serious moment.

Noodle Padoodle team




Jello Padoodle
Learn how to make fruit fulled sugar free jellow in this new video.

Taco Padoodle
Fresh, unprocessed and SO tasty. Coming soon!

Scrammy Sammy
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese in a soft burrito. Easy to make, fun to eat. Coming soon!






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