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The gelatin in jello and natural broth that has been made with simmered bones has some amazing properties; it's particularly benficial for digestion as it attracts water like no other substance. Gelatin also contains an astounding array of trace minerals that are excellent for joints and bone repair.

Jello, it's not just for kids...

Recently it has been found that the degree of and the progress of osteoporosis can be measured by the excretion of collagen terminal amino acids in the urine. This means that osteoporosis is associated with the destruction of bone collagen. It has been shown that consuming gelatin (derived from collagen) reduces the amount of destruction of natural collagen, and therefore reduces the amount of damage done by osteoporosis.

Presumably, after consuming natural gelatin, the enzymes that had been previously degrading bone collagen are now spent degrading gelatin. It has been shown in double-blind studies that taking gelatin can alleviate the pain and inflamation caused by arthritis. Scientists have found through animal studies that collagen derived gelatin is used in the cartilage repair processes!

Get more gelatin in your diet without taking pills. It's easy to make a homemade broth



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